Nomination Guidelines


Who deserves an award?

The awards recognize the achievements and contributions of individuals, businesses and organizations promoting accessibility, inclusion and full community participation by citizens with disabilities.

Award recipients include individuals with disabilities who are advocates for others with disabilities and/or whose personal example of excellence demonstrates the potential of all members of the community. They also include individuals, companies, agencies, government and other organizations that have created opportunities for people with disabilities to participate more fully in their workplaces, schools and volunteer organizations.

An independent Selection Committee will review nominations and determine the finalists and recipient(s) for each award by comparing your submission to the selection factors listed. All finalists will be invited to be photographed as they will be part of the program printed for that evening.

How do I write a compelling nomination?

For your nomination to stand out against the many others we receive, providing a clear explanation and including evidence and clear examples of what makes your nominee so exceptional will strengthen your nomination. This includes but is not limited to answering ALL questions on the nomination form as well as including supporting documentation and you are strongly encouraged to include references/testimonials.

Don’t just say your nominee is outstanding – prove it!

Remember we may not know your nominee or what makes them special so it’s important to use specific and concrete examples to illustrate how your nominee meets each of the eligibility and selection criteria. A compelling nomination should also describe as vividly and precisely as possible the difference your nominee’s contribution has made.

Give different perspectives – don’t tell the same story three times!

In addition to the description of the achievement, we also strongly encourage testimonial letters from two individuals (other than the nominator) who support the nomination. These testimonial letters are an integral part of the nomination process, since they help to paint a complete picture of your nominee for the members of the Selection Committee.

NOTE: we do not contact the references supporting the nomination. You must provide written documentation of their support.

The testimonial letters should:

– be written by individuals who know the nominee well enough to be able to talk about the impact of their achievement from first-hand experience;

– be current and written specifically for the award you are nominating for;

– provide various examples from a range of views and perspectives.

The testimonial letters should not:

– simply state that the authors support the nomination – they need to provide more information about the nominee and their achievement.