Employee Award

The Employee Award recognizes an employee with a disability for outstanding commitment and contribution to their organization and/or workplace.

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Eligible Nominees

To be consider for this award eligible nominees include:

– employees who work in Ottawa, and have a disability

-those who have been in their current job for at least six months if nominated for their achievements at their present workplace, OR

-can be nominated for efforts and contributions made at previous workplaces

Selection Factors

The Celebration of People Selection Committee will consider the following factors in the evaluation of nominees:

-Perseverance as an employee while facing obstacles and/or challenges

-Demonstrated commitment to contributing to the organization/workplace

-Contributions to the quality of the workplace and the work of their colleagues (for example, fostering team spirit)

-Contributions to the organization’s success

Employee Award Nomination Form RTF
(includes Nomination Guide)

Nomination Guide PDF

Employee Award - Nomination Form

  • Nominee Information
  • Nominator Information
  • 1st Reference Information (a person supporting the nomination - required)
  • 2nd Reference Information (a person supporting the nomination - optional)
  • Letters of reference strengthen nominations. You are encouraged to provide additional supporting documents or information including testimonial letters, publications, articles and/or photos (word, PDF & JPEG file formats accepted).
  • The questions below have been developed to guide you in the presentation of information on your nominee.

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Please mail or email your nomination and/or supporting documentation (pictures, letters, articles etc.) to the address below.

Mailing Address
Celebration of People Nomination Committee
(c/o Citizen Advocacy)
312 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, ON
K1Y 4X5

Additional information
Tel: 613-761-9522
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