Community Leader Award in Memory of Cathy Kerr

Cathy Kerr worked tirelessly to realize her vision of a community in which people with disabilities have the same choices and are able to exercise the same rights and responsibilities as all other Canadians.

The Community Leader Award in Memory of Cathy Kerr recognizes a person with a disability who is an example of exceptional citizenship, as demonstrated by their record of wide-reaching leadership and involvement in the community.

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VHA Health and Home Support

Eligible Nominees

To be consider for this award eligible nominees include:

-individuals living or working in Ottawa who have a disability, OR a group or organization operating in Ottawa working with people with disabilities.

-individuals who demonstrate leadership in a variety of settings

-individuals who have been involved in community service for at least five years

 Selection Factors

The Celebration of People Selection Committee will consider the following factors in the evaluation of nominees for the Community Leader Award:

-Perseverance in pursuit of community service in the face of obstacles and/or challenges

-The degree to which the individual’s activities enhance lives and/or strengthen the community

-Years of service, range and scope of activities, investment of time and energy

See also Volunteer Award

Community Leader Award Nomination Form RTF
(includes Nomination Guide)

Nomination Guide PDF

Community Leader Award - Nomination Form

  • Nominee Information
  • Nominator Information
  • 1st Reference Information (a person supporting the nomination - required)
  • 2nd Reference Information (a person supporting the nomination - optional)
  • Letters of reference strengthen nominations. You are encouraged to provide additional supporting documents or information including testimonial letters, publications, articles and/or photos (word, PDF & JPEG file formats accepted).
  • The questions below have been developed to guide you in the presentation of information on your nominee.

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Please mail or email your nomination and/or supporting documentation (pictures, letters, articles etc.) to the address below.

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