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A career is defined by “progress through life with respect to one’s work”. The Career Award recognizes an individual with a disability who has a record of excellence and achievement in his or her chosen field.

Eligible Nominees

To be consider for this award eligible nominees include individuals who:

-Have had a disability for a minimum of 10 years or more

-Live or work in Ottawa, and

-Have been involved in their chosen field for at least 10 years

Selection Factors

The Celebration of People Selection Committee will consider the following factors in the evaluation of nominees for the Career Award:

-Have demonstrated excellence and achievement in their field

-The degree to which the individual has excelled in executing their mandate/job responsibilities over the years

-Perseverance in the pursuit of their career in the face of obstacles and/or challenges

-Contributions to best practices, advancing excellence and/or promoting innovation in their field

-Recognition by their peers for their leadership and contributions

-Impact as a role model because of their achievements

-Their contribution to bringing down barriers and promoting inclusion and accessibility through their example and/or efforts

Also see Employee Award

Download Career Award Nomination Form RTF
(includes Nomination Guide)

Download Career Award Nomination Form PDF

Nomination Guidelines


Early Bird Deadline: Monday September 24th, 2018 (enter draw for 2 free tickets)

Final Deadline: Friday October 5th, 2018


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Please mail or email your nomination and/or supporting documentation (pictures, letters, articles etc.) to the address below.

Mailing Address:
Celebration of People Nomination Committee
(c/o Citizen Advocacy)
312 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, ON
K1Y 4X5

Additional information:
Tel: 613-761-9522
TTY: 613-725-6175
Fax: 613-761-9525